Health Security Net is a publicly accessible, centralized database of warnings, evaluations, oversight efforts, strategies, and other documents that relate to pandemics prior to 2020. It provides a readily available source of information for policymakers, researchers, journalists, the general public, and other interested parties to access documents written about pandemic risk in the past; unearth patterns that reveal why response may be insufficient to date; and develop improved policies for the future. The library is a work in progress and continues to be updated as additional resources are identified. Please contact us with any questions or additions at healthsecuritynet@georgetown.edu.

The library reflects both global and national sources of information. It includes resources published by governments, intergovernmental organizations, and the private and non-profit sectors. Global sources are the Food and Agriculture Organization, United Nations General Assembly, United Nations Security Council, World Organisation for Animal Health, and World Health Organization (including the World Health Assembly). National sources to date include the United States. The academic journal literature as it relates to the global risk of coronaviruses is also represented.


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The Georgetown University Center for Global Health Science and Security (GHSS) led the policy research effort, including development of methodology, data collection, curation, and coding. Talus Analytics developed the taxonomy and ontologies for the documentation, integration with the epidemiological data and analysis, and designed, built, and maintains the interactive Library site.


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Welcome to Health Security Net, a publicly accessible, centralized library housing decades of documents related to pandemics.

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